13 August 2012, Monday, 14:11

More than 1031 hectares of forest were damaged by fire in Bashkiria

author: Galina Bakhshieva

At once eight forest fires on the area of 70,4 hectares were liquidated in Bashkiria on Sunday, August 12. Three of them, which total area reached 27,8 hectares, were extinguished in the Kananikolsky Forestry of Zilairsky area. Two more fires on the area of 24,1 hectares were liquidated in Burzyansky area. Per one fire was extinguished in Zianchurinsky (6 hectares), Kugarchinsky (10 hectares) and Avzyansky (2,5 hectares) forestry areas.

Besides, workers of republican forest management localised four large ignitions. Two forest fires in the Uchalinsky forestry on the area of 4,2 hectares, and also per one fire in Zianchurinsky (8,5 hectares) and Baimaksky (19,8 hectares) forestry areas are in the state of fire suppression.

In Burzyansky and Zianchurinsky forestry areas 83 people and 19 units of special equipment are engaged in suppression of two fires blazing there now. The total area of forest, which was destroyed by fires, exceeds 47,2 hectares, the press-service of republican Ministry of Forestry informs.

In total in the territory of forest regional fund 180 forest fires were registered in 2012. The total area of forestland which was damaged by ignitions makes 1031,21 hectares.

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