10 August 2012, Friday, 18:03

Siberian native rescued the 4-year-old boy fallen in the well in Ufa

author: Olga Murtazina

In Ufa a four-year-old boy nearly sank in a sewer well. The accident occurred in Hudaiberdin Street. The grandmother took the child from the kindergarten, on the way the fidget ran forward and jumped on the metal sheet which covered the well. The boy fell inside the five-metre collector.

The child was rescued by a passer-by  32-year-old Novosibirsk townsman, working in Ufa. As a result the kid did not suffer and got off with fright and scratches. Ufa police assured that the incident will not remain without consequences: «After the event the well was urgently closed. The district officer and minors officer left on the scene of the event. Now the check and medical examination is conducted. Besides the organization, which is in charge of the well is established also.

themes: accidents