10 August 2012, Friday, 17:17

More than 950 hectares of forest suffered from fires in Bashkiria

author: Galina Bakhshieva

174 forest fires are registered in Bashkiria from the beginning of fire-hazardous season of 2012. More than 950 hectares of forest were destroyed by fire.

Four forest fires were extinguished in Bashkiria for the past twenty four hours, the press-service of the Ministry of Forestry RB reports. Three from them occurred in Kananikolsky Forestry of Zilairsky area. 3,6 hectares of forest suffered from fire here.

One more forest fire on the area of 3,3 hectares was liquidated in Zianchurinsky area of the republic.

The day before firefighters managed to contain three fires with total area of 27,8 hectares in the Kananikolsky Forestry. The same day two forest fires with the area of 24,5 hectares were localised in the Zianchurinsky Forestry. Two fires more were brought under control in Kugarchinsky (10 hectares) and Burzyansky (14,3 hectares) forest areas. Works on their liquidation are still carrying out.

Besides, the forest fire with total area of 1,2 hectares is blazing now in the Baimaksky Forestry.

Now experts of the Ministry of Forestry TB conduct the enhanced land and aviation patrol of forests. For the past days more than 1200 people were on patrol. For today 83 flights over the territory of republican forest resources were executed. Total duration of flights reaches almost 407 hours.

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