09 August 2012, Thursday, 17:51

In July average size of jobseeker’s allowance made 3563 roubles in Bashkiria

author: Galina Bakhshieva

Monthly average size of the jobseeker’s allowance made 3489 roubles in Bashkiria from January to July, 2012. In July the average size of the benefit to the unemployed reached a point of 3563 roubles, the Directorate of Employment Public Service RB reports.

The maximum size of the jobseeker’s allowance in the republic made 5635 roubles. The minimum size was 977,5 roubles.

More than 23 thousand of jobless people started to be on the dole in July this year, on average, for seven months of this year there are over 27 thousand people, the republican employment service specified.