09 August 2012, Thursday, 16:59

Ilya Pervukhin – bronze prize-winner of the Olympic Games-2012

author: Dmitriy Slezin

At the rowing canal of Olympic Games-2012 in London the final on the distance of 1000 metres among canoe-doubles came to the end. Ilya Pervuhin together with other Russian – Alexey Korovashkov won the bronze awards.

All distance they kept in a three of leaders — German and Azerbaijan boats. In the last 200 metres Germans made a finishing spurt and passed Azerbaijan to take the title (result of champions — 3:33.804), in their turn Russians and Byelorussians, having increased their speed, achieved a place on the podium. Byelorussians won "silver" (3:35.206), Russians took the "bronze" (3:36.414).

It is possible to celebrate the first medal of Bashkortostan at the Games-2012, nearing completion.