09 August 2012, Thursday, 13:16

Employment level considerably raised in the capital of Bashkiria

author: Galina Bakhshieva

As of the beginning of August, employment level made 82,4 percent in Ufa. One year ago, by data as of September 1, this indicator was equal to 75,9 percent in the city.

Since January, 2012 in Ufa 13600 of unemployed people managed to find jobs. Number of officially registered unemployed Ufa townspeople as of August 1, reached almost 7400, or 83 percent in relation to the beginning of the current year, the capital employment service informs.

Level of registered unemployment in Ufa to the beginning of August made 1,31 percent. Intensity in the labour market, or otherwise number of unoccupied citizens per one vacancy was equal 0,4 as of the same date.