09 August 2012, Thursday, 10:23

In July inflation made 4,1 percent in Bashkiria

author: Alfiya Sharafutdinova

Inflation rate grew to 4,1 percent in Bashkiria following the results of the second summer month. It should be mentioned that in June this figure made 2,6 percent.

The consumer price index on goods and services in July, 2012 concerning December, 2011 in Bashkortostan Republic made 104,1 percent,  Bashkortostan Statistics Agency (Bashkortostanstat) informs.

It is a little lower than the average Russian indicator of 104,5 percent. In subjects of Volga Federal District the given value varies within 103,7 — 105,1 percent.

Bashkortostanstat also marks that most of all food products rose in price in the region — by 5,9 percent. Cost of services increased by 4,3 percent, and nonfoods – by two percent.

As "Bashinform" informed earlier the June rate of inflation was the lowest for the whole period of its monitoring in the republic.