08 August 2012, Wednesday, 14:22

More than 810 hectares of forest suffered from fire in Bashkiria

author: Galina Bakhshieva

At once 10 forest fires were liquidated for the past days in Bashkiria. Seven of them were extinguished in the Zilairsky forest region on the area of 5,1 hectares. Two more fires, which total area reached 7,6 hectares, were liquidated in Kananikolsky forestry, and one on the area of 6 hectares in Gafuriisky forestry.

Besides, two forest fires in Burzyansky and Avzyansky forest areas were localised. The area of forest which was destroyed by fire, made here 5,24 and 0,6 hectares, accordingly.

Almost 40 people and 11 units of special equipment are engaged now in suppression of six proceeding fires on the area of 7,3 hectares in the Kananikolsky forestry, the press-service of republican Ministry of Forestry informs.

In total 155 forest fires were registered in Bashkiria from the beginning of fire-hazardous season-2012. The total area of forest which suffered from fire already exceeds 810 hectares.

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