08 August 2012, Wednesday, 12:30

Bailiff officers acquired the right to dispatch photos of debtors without their consent

author: Alim Faizov

Henceforth bailiffs have the right to carry out processing, including distribution of biometric personal data, and in other words, photos of debtors, without their consent, the press-service of the Federal Bailiff Service of Russia informs.

Thus, now there are sufficient legislative grounds for processing and distribution of personal data of debtors-citizens (including biometric) without their consent if it is necessary for timely and correct execution of judgments.

Taking into account the designated position of Roskomnadzor now the territorial bodies of the Federal Bailiff Service RF in order to establish  location of debtors-citizens can place their personal data, including photos, on information boards, banners, and also in mass media and in the Internet.

First of all it concerns unfair persons, maliciously evading from execution of judgments concerning collection of alimentary payments in favour of minor children.