07 August 2012, Tuesday, 19:27

The 14-year-old young man became a student of USATU

author: Rozaliya Valeyeva

The youngest student of the Ufa State Aviation Technical University became 14-year-old young Ufa townsman which entered the department «Applied mathematics and computer science», the University press-service informs. And the maximum grades with which one of entrants was enrolled to the USATU made 286.

At the expense of the Russian budget 1569 students will study in USATU and its branches at their first year of study. Competition on applications averaged 14,7 students per place. The course "Economics" became the absolute champion: 483 applications were submitted, the lowest passing score – 240.

As well as last year, entrants could submit applications only on three courses (specialities) of training.

On scholarships granted by companies for target courses 258 entrants were enrolled: from enterprises — 205, from rural areas – 49, from other regions of the Russian Federation — 4.