07 August 2012, Tuesday, 19:14

For half a year almost 10 thousand mortgage loans are granted in Bashkiria

author: Galina Bakhshieva

About 10 thousand mortgage loans for a total sum 9,7 billion roubles were granted by banks in Bashkiria for first six months of 2012. It is more by 85 percent on the amount and by 73 percent on quantity of mortgage loans, than for the similar period of 2011, the official website of the Bank of Russia informs.

Thus the majority of credits were taken in roubles, only two were granted in foreign currency.

Now in Russia on each mortgage borrower on average hardly less than 1 million roubles fell. For a year this indicator increased from 914 to 979 thousand roubles.

As to Bashkortostan the average term of crediting in the region for a year decreased by 14 months from 182 to 168 months. Thus, average term of a mortgage rouble loan makes now 14 years.

And here the average rate under rouble mortgage loans for a year practically has not changed and is equal 12,5 percent. The mortgage share makes 12,8 percent from total consumer credits which were granted in Bashkortostan.