03 August 2012, Friday, 17:21

Forest fire of 4,8 hectares is extinguished in Bashkiria

author: Galina Bakhshieva

For the previous twenty four hours two forest fires with a total area of 5,8 hectares were revealed and localised in Bashkiria.

Emergency situations occurred in Gafuriysky and Zilairsky forest areas, the press-service of the Ministry of Forestry RB informs.

At the moment the fire in Zilairsky area where 4,8 hectares of forest suffered from fire, is already extinguished. The forest fire suppression is in its final stage in Gafuriysky area.

In total from the beginning of fire-hazardous season 130 fires are registered in republican forests. 30 from them occurred due to careless handling with fire, 56 – because of a lightning discharge, two – at the place of timber-harvesting operations. The causes of occurrence of the other 42 are still under investigation.

The total area of forest which was destroyed by fire in the region for this time, makes 772,91 hectares.

Now employees of the Ministry of Forestry RB conduct the enhanced land and aviation patrol of forest areas. For the past days 1200 people were on patrol. For today 76 flights over the forest area according to the established aviation routes are executed. Total flight time reaches 364 hours, the ministry press-service underlined.

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