30 July 2012, Monday, 18:11

Exhibition of handmade dolls «Long road of childhood» opened in Ufa

author: Rozaliya Valeyeva

The exhibition «Long road of childhood» opened in the Centre of Youth Reading of Ahmet-Zaki Validi’s National Library at the address: 62/2, October Avenue.

90 handmade dolls created by the Ufa handy women, users of one popular among young mothers webportal took places on the library shelves.

The first exhibition of handmade dolls was called «Mum's Fairy Tale», the organizer and participant of the exhibition Natalia Yakunina says. Among exhibits of the present exhibition there are not only dolls, but things and toys of generation of people who were born in 1970-80, old clocks, a magnifier, and vinyl disks. We hope that visitors of the exhibition will recollect their childhood and feel nostalgic together with us.

The exhibition will work till August 31. The admission is free.

themes: exhibitions