30 July 2012, Monday, 17:37

The state of lands continues to worsen in Bashkiria

author: Rasul Hamidullin

In the end of 2012 members of the working group on interdepartmental interaction of Rosreestr Directorate on Bashkortostan with local authorities plan to carry out a republican meeting devoted to the state monitoring of lands.

According to the members of the working group, a tendency on deterioration of lands, leading to loss of land yield and their exclusion from the land turnover proceeds in the republic.

Besides, in the region the further reduction of total area of agricultural lands is observed. For the last five years agricultural lands decreased by 5 thousand hectares. For today the area of farmland makes 7,3 million hectares.

As members of the working group assume, it should be developed a complex of soil-protective activity and economic incentives of proprietors and users for more efficient control over land resources of the republic and their monitoring. Also it is necessary to prepare the program of lands monitoring similar to that existed in the early nineties.

The last surveying of the state and usage of lands, in particular, soil, geobotanical and other special surveys were conducted in the region in 60-70-s of the past century, the press-service of Rosreestr Directorate on RB informs.