30 July 2012, Monday, 13:36

More than 767 hectares of forest suffered from fires in Bashkiria

author: Galina Bakhshieva

128 forest fires are registered in Bashkiria from the beginning of fire-hazardous season of 2012. More than 767 hectares of forest were destroyed by fire.

There are no active fires in the territory of republic at present, the press-service of the Ministry of Forestry RB underlined.

It is still the human factor to blame for the majority of fire outbreaks in forests. Thus, current year already 30 fires occurred because of careless handling of fire in republican forests. Two more developed in places of timber-harvesting operations. The causes of 41 forest fires are not established yet. Meanwhile, the share of "natural" factor, to be exact of a lightning discharge makes less than half from all revealed forest fires – 55.

Now experts of the department conduct the strengthened land and aviation patrol of forests. For the past days more than 1200 people were on patrol. For today 75 flights over the territory of republican forest resources are executed. Total duration of flights on the established aviation routes reaches almost 360 hours.

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