26 July 2012, Thursday, 18:57

Canvases of Bashkir artists are exposed in the Italian castle Monferrato

author: Rozaliya Valeyeva

The art project «View fr om Russia. Art of Bashkortostan Artists» continues its work in Italy. Now works of Bashkir artists are exposed in the halls of the well-known medieval Italian castle Monferrato, the website  of Creative Union of Artists RB informs.

As Bashinform news agency already reported at the exhibition «View fr om Russia» the art of Bashkortostan artists is presented by: Sergey Krasnov, Zufar Gajanov, Victor Pegov, Yuris Uzhdavini, Rais Gaitov. In total more than 100 pictures are exposed there executed in different techniques. Works were already exhibited in showrooms of Turin, Moncalieri, Lagnasco and other cities of northern Italy.

The exposition «View from Russia» was organised within the lim its of the Year of the Russian culture declared in 2011 in Italy – and the Year of the Italian culture in Russia.

Monferrato is one of the major cultural and historical centres of northern Italy wh ere numerous tourists gather not only from nearby Turin, Milan and Genoa, but also from the whole Europe. In Monferrato art exhibitions, art projects, theatre festivals and fairs are regularly organised.