26 July 2012, Thursday, 18:09

Bashkir dancers will give a performance at the cultural Olympic Games in London

author: Rozaliya Valeyeva

Artists of the Faizi Gaskarov’s State Academic Ensemble of National Dance RB will give a performance at the festival within the limits of the Cultural Program of the Olympic Games in London from August 2 till August 5, the Ensemble management informs. Performances can be seen in the Russian "Sochi-park".

The festival will last till September 9, 2012 (before the end of Paralympic Games). In the program there are carnivals, circus representations, theatrical and opera productions, films, fashion shows and music gala concerts.

From London Gaskarov’s dancers depart to Brazil to the XII International Folklore Festival which will be held in the capital of the state Rio Grande do Sul, on  August 6.

At the festival we will show dancing culture of Russia and Bashkortostan,  the director of the Ensemble Radik Sharafutdinov said. Brazilians will see Russian, Kalmyk and Ukrainian dances. «Seven girls», "Gulnazira"and "Kosari" will become the highlight of the performance.

Foreign tours do not finish with it: on August 30-31, the Ensemble will take part in the opening of the year of Russia in Germany. Dancers will present the program at the Central Square of Berlin.