25 July 2012, Wednesday, 17:20

Business Ombudsman of Bashkiria is going to have public assistants

author: Luboth Kolokolova

In Bashkortostan the institute of public assistants to the Ombudsman for the Rights of Businessmen in RB is formed.

A competition for public position has been already started, and anyone interested can submit documents and take part in it, the department press-service reports.

The Provision on public assistants is developed and approved, regulating the procedure of their appointment, goals and tasks, principles, powers and the status. The primary goal of public assistants is public control over observance of rights and legitimate interests of businessmen in republican cities and areas. One of tasks is to organise work on legal and economic education of business representatives, to increase the level of corporate culture and ethics, social responsibility of businessmen.

The formed legal institutes of the Ombudsman activity support (Public advisory council, the staff of the Ombudsman, public assistants) should serve as a mechanism to observe legitimate interests of businessmen in the republican territory, to help citizens with restoration of their rights.