25 July 2012, Wednesday, 17:02

The share of unprofitable enterprises fell below 20 percent in Bashkiria

author: Alfiya Sharafutdinova

Less than 20 percent constituted the share of unprofitable enterprises of Bashkortostan following the results of activity for January-May, 2012.

The share of unprofitable large and average enterprises and organisations made 19,9 percent (241 from 1211 enterprises) against 21 percent in January-May, 2011, the Statistics Agency (Bashkortostanstat) informs, having marked that this is concerns financial results of activity of large and medium organisations without subjects of small business, organisations with number of working less than 15 people, not related to small enterprises, and also banks, insurance and budgetary establishments.

The profit of such enterprises for the first five months of current year reached 38,4 billion roubles, or 63,4 percent to a similar last year indicator.

The loss of unprofitably worked enterprises made 17,5 billion roubles, having increased in comparison with January-May, 2011 in 3,3 times, or to 12,2 billion roubles. The greatest sums of loss were observed in operations with real estate, rent and granting of services (12,3 billion roubles).