25 July 2012, Wednesday, 14:50

United Russia of Bashkortostan summed up preliminary voting results

author: Marina Shumilova

Results of preliminary party voting on definition of candidates for deputies to representative bodies of municipal unions are confirmed at the session of Presidium of Regional Political Council of  «United Russia» in Ufa, on July 25.

By results of preliminary voting 658 party members are included on in the lists of candidates United Russia and 201 its supporters. Among them there are 105 young men aged under 30 years (11,6 %). Overwhelming majority of candidates included in the lists  are representatives of "stronger sex". Electors supported only 110 women-candidates (12,1 %).

According to the head of the regional Executive committee of  «United Russia» Albert Miftahov, the present preliminary party voting had passed much better than the last year at Duma elections.

For today we tried to consider errors and drawbacks of the last year voting, recommendations on modifications. As a whole the first step to elections is made normally.