19 July 2012, Thursday, 15:54

Seven fires occurred in Bashkiria for the last day

author: Elmira Sabirova

The previous day a large fire occurred in the private sector of Ufa. In 6, Communistic Street, fire considerably destroyed three houses and two outdoor constructions of different function.

A report on a fire outbreak at the inhabited wooden house was received at 6. 21 p.m., the press-service of the Main Directorate of the Ministry for Emergency Measures of Russia on RB informs. At the moment of firemen arrival there was an open burning of the wooden-brick house. There was a threat of further distribution of fire onto the next constructions. Fire extinguishing was complicated by availability of gas cylinders in the houses, which explosions enhanced burning. Also flame distribution was promoted by a strong wind. The fire was liquidated about 9 p.m.

In total 19 units of special equipment and about 60 firemen were involved in the fire suppression.

Meanwhile, for the last days in the republic seven fires occurred, there were no casualties. The approximate direct material damage made 375 thousand roubles. It is rescued material assets for the sum of 12 million 705 thousand roubles. 84 fire-fighters and 27 units of equipment were involved in the fire extinguishing.

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