19 July 2012, Thursday, 13:56

One third of semi-annual expenses of the Bashkiria budget is spent for education

author: Alfiya Sharafutdinova

Almost 60 billion roubles were received by the consolidated budget of Bashkortostan following the results of the last half-year. The main financial indicators of the republic for the first six months 2012 were disclosed by Bashkir Statistics Authority (Bashkortostanstat).

As of June 1, 2012 incomes in the sum 59,2 billion roubles came into the consolidated budget of Bashkortostan Republic,  it is informed on the department website referring to the data by the Ministry of Finance RB.  Among them the share of individual income tax made 23,4 percent, company income tax – 23 percent, commodity tax (works, services), sold in the territory of the Russian Federation – 9,5 percent, property tax – 8,3 percent, cumulative income tax – 4,3 percent.

Expenses of the consolidated budget developed in the sum of 52,3 billion roubles, from them 17,2 billion roubles (32,9 percent) were directed to financing of education,  11,4 billion (21,8) to public health services,  7,9 billion (15,1) to social policy,  5,8 billion (11,2) to national economy, 2,8 billion (5,4) to housing and utilities,  532,2 million (one percent) to national safety and law-enforcement activity.

themes: budget, taxes