18 July 2012, Wednesday, 15:54

The National Bank of Bashkiria connected to a uniform electronic office of the Central Bank RF

author: Alfiya Sharafutdinova

The National Bank RB connected to the Internet office of the Bank of Russia. The uniform Internet office of the Central Bank started to work in a new mode since June 22, 2012. The service is available on the website of the Bank of Russia www.cbr.ru, giving to citizens a possibility to send applications and complaints in the electronic form which are within the competence of the Central Bank. The answer will be given in the way chosen by an applicant: in writing, by e-mail etc. The application will be processed at the level of the Bank of Russia and directed to that local branch of the Central Bank which carries out supervision over the specific financial organisation. Thus the application registration is carried out automatically, and shortly it will go at once to a local branch of the Bank of Russia where a primary registration will be done.

Earlier, since 2010, the National Bank RB on the same website had a version of the regional Internet office which helped citizens to send applications to the National Bank of the republic, the National Bank press-service informs.

Except the Internet office people can address to the National bank of Bashkortostan Republic by mail: 3, Teatralnaya Street, Ufa, 450008. Also a hot line is available for consultations + 7(347) 279-65-00.

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