16 July 2012, Monday, 17:07

The Central Bank accepts appeals against the credit organisations online

author: Alfiya Sharafutdinova

The Internet office is opened on the site of the Bank of Russia. Having addressed there, any person can leave an appeal against that bank which, on his opinion, managed with him unfairly.

The message form is quite simple, but the Central Bank will not consider the appeal if there are obscene words or incorrect statements if it is advertising if the text is written in Latin alphabet, if it is all from capital letters, is not broken into sentences. It is necessary to tell about yourself precisely: surname, name, patronymic, postal address. And the main thing to specify is the name of the bank and particularly to state an essence of claims to it, having managed to do it within 15 thousand symbols (the enclosed files are not accepted), the Association of Credit Organisations RB informs.