16 July 2012, Monday, 13:35

From the beginning of the season about 430 hectares of forest suffered from fires in Bashkiria

author: Rasul Hamidullin

For the last days in the territory of Bashkortostan three fires are extinguished in Baimaksky, Ufa and Haibullinsky forest areas. The total ignition area has made 6,9 hectares. Besides, it is localised three fires in Inzersky, Arkhangelsk and Kugarchinsky forest areas. According to the press-service of the Ministry of Forestry RB, 56 people and 21 unit of equipment work at fire extinguishing.

In total from the beginning of fire hazardous season of 2012 in the territory of forest reserves of Bashkortostan Republic 76 forest fires were registered, 25 from them were caused by carelessness in the use of fire, 19 – by a lightning discharge, 2 – due to fault of some organisations, 2 – by agricultural burnings. The reasons of occurrence of the others 28 are under investigation. The total area destroyed by fire makes 429,29 hectares. 1545 people and 434 units of equipment have been involved in fire extinguishing.

Now experts of the Ministry of Forestry RB conduct the enforced land and aviation patrol of woods. For the past days 1195 people were on patrol. For today 61 flights over the forest area according to the established routes are executed.