16 July 2012, Monday, 12:51

UAPO has agreed on cooperation with the German company at the Farnborough Airshow-2012

author: Luboth Kolokolova

A number of perspective negotiations between representatives of Bashkortostan enterprises and their foreign colleagues took place at the International Airshow Farnborough-2012 finished the day before. In particular, JSC «Ufa Assembly Production Association» (UAPO) carried on negotiations with Vacuumschelze company (Germany) concerning teamwork regarding manufacturing stators and rotors for high-speed motors and generators, the press-service of Chamber of Commerce and Industry RB reports.

According to the sales manager of JSC "UAPO" Sergey Bazhenov, cooperation with Vacuumschelze company opens for the Ufa enterprise prospects of application of plates and units by Vacuumschelze, iron-cobalt alloys of Vacoflux and Vacodur type with high durability and magnetic permeability.

Such cooperation with Vacuumschelze company is of high priority for JSC "UAPO" especially within the limits of the project on small-size gas-turbine power plants, the custom-made for the Government of Bashkortostan, Sergey Bazhenov marked. The given project is realized by JSC UAP "Hydraulics", and the Ufa Assembly Production Association carries out delivery of a high-frequency electric starter-generator.