11 July 2012, Wednesday, 13:17

Biowaste recycling plant to be constructed in Bashkiria

author: Luboth Kolokolova

The biowaste recycling plant to be constructed in Bashkiria. It will be located in Blagovarsky region and its capacity will make 50 thousand tons a year. The head of Veterinary Dept RB Vakil Buranbaev reported it during online conference on the i-gazeta web-site.

Tankage and animal fat will become products of the biowaste recycling enterprise. The tankage will be used as the additive to a cattle forage, and animal fat as biological fuel. Carcasses of cattle, which veterinary surgeons rejected for any reasons and prohibited to sell in the market or in shops, will be processed here. Diseases of livestock or poultry, infringement of conditions of meat storage and as consequence – bad quality of products can be the reason. Horns and hoofs are also related to biowaste.

Such plant is on high demand in the republic, as biowaste recycling is a vexed problem, Vakil Buranbaev underlined.