11 July 2012, Wednesday, 12:27

Chief veterinary surgeon RB answered questions of readers of “The Public Electronic Newspaper”

author: news agency "Bashinform" | photo: Rinat Iskuzin

The head of Veterinary Dept RB Vakil Buranbaev answered questions of internet users on the site www.i-gazeta.com in live transmission on Wednesday, July 11.

The chief veterinary surgeon RB patronizes work of state veterinary institutions, including veterinary services of cattle-breeding on the whole territory of the Republic and the main goal of veterinary department is non-admission of spreading of infectious and mass non-infectious diseases of animals in Bashkortostan. Problems of food safety are also found within the dept’s competence.

In a whole Vakil Buranbaev has answered 36 questions on the abovementioned and other subjects. The chief veterinary surgeon was answering question in online mode. The record will be available in the site’s division “The archive of online conferences”. Video-broadcasting was organized with technical assistance of JSC “BASHINFORMSVYAZ”. The questions, which haven’t reached the air, will be sent to the Veterinary Dept RB. The answers, initialed by the head of the veterinary dept, will be published by “The Public Electronic Newspaper” later.