10 July 2012, Tuesday, 15:08

Regional divisions of eight new political parties are registered in Bashkiria

author: Ludmila Ternovaya

Local office of Russian Ministry of Justice in Republic of Bashkortostan registered eight new regional divisions of political parties: “Young Russia”, “New Russia”, “Cities of Russia”, “Alliance of Greens – National Party”, “The Party of Free Citizens”, “The Party of Russian Pensioners”, “Russian Ecological Party “Greens” and “Communists of Russia”.

Official representative of Russian Ministry of Justice in Bashkortostan Andre Ignatenko reports that registration documents of other two parties – “Clever Russia” and “Russian All-national Union” – are found under consideration now.

Before the federal law N95 “About Political Parties” had been altered, regional divisions of seven political parties were registered in Bashkortostan: “United Russia”, CPRF, “Patriots of Russia”, “Apple”, “Just Russia”, LDPR and “Just Cause”.

Therefore on July 10, 2012, 15 regional divisions of political parties are registered in our Republic.

themes: parties