09 July 2012, Monday, 16:22

Primaries to be held in Baimaksky region of Bashkortostan

author: Galia Nabieva

Primaries in Baimaksky region of Bashkortostan are appointed on July 11-12. They will take place at 31 election stations, the regional administration reported. The preliminary inter-party voting (primaries) on determination of candidates to deputies of municipal districts’ council in Bashkortostan started in regional division of the political party “United Russia” on July 1.

Residents of Baimaksky region have to elect deputies of the municipal council in 19 electoral districts this autumn.

The work on preparation for this forthcoming event is actively running in the region. 3-4 candidates are eliminated in every municipality, i.e. the number of pretenders is high enough. In a whole the categories of candidates are very different, the municipal administration reported. Thus, young people, pedagogues and students, businessmen and pensioners, financiers and builders can be found in the lists of pretenders.