06 July 2012, Friday, 16:06

Professional sickness rate goes down in Bashkiria

author: Arina Rakhimkulova

For the last five years 683 people have been registered as having professional diseases and pollutions. Russian Agency for Health and Consumer Rights in RB reports the lowest index was registered in 2011: 1,12 cases per 10 thousand workers and it is lower than in Russian Federation in a whole (1,92). 120 people have been registered with professional diseases and pollutions in 2011, including 38 women (160 people, including 60 women in 2010). No acute cases have been registered.

Nine branches of economics form 80-90% of the whole professional pathology in the region: mining operations, except fuel-energy complex (11,22 cases per 10 thousand workers), agriculture, hunting and forestry (5,98), production of transport vehicles and equipment (5,26), metallurgy (4,08), production of other nonmetallic mineral products (3,41), production of machines and equipment (2,17), production of foods, including drinks and tobacco (2,16), production of rubber and plastic wares (1,27).