05 July 2012, Thursday, 18:27

The best student mass-media to be determined in Bashkiria

author: Elmira Sabirova

The contest “New Word”, initiated by the Center of practical journalism under the Bashkir State University, will determine the best student mass-media. Acceptance of applications will start on July 10 and the mass-media, governed by students and post-graduates of higher education institutions and oriented at student audience, may take part in this competition.

Winners will be announced in six nominations: “The best student printed edition”, “The best student TV program”, “The best student internet mass-media”, “The best journalist of student mass-media”, “The best photo-reporter of student mass-media” and “The best blogger”. Additional nominations and special prizes, such as, for example, “The best typographic design”, “The best headline”, “The best feedback”, “The best interview” etc, will be established by the contest’s initiators too.

All incoming works will be estimated by the jury, consisting of professional journalists, editors-in chief and directors of leading companies in sphere of mass-media and telecommunications. Winners will be rewarded in Ufa in October 2012 within the frames of the first forum of student mass-media RB.

Applications and contest works will be accepted till September 20 inclusive.