29 June 2012, Friday, 15:56

24 % of hay is prepared in Bashkiria

author: Galiya Nabieva

Farmers of Bashkortostan prepared 180 thousand tons of hay. These are 24 % to the planned volume, the republican Ministry of Agriculture reports. The laying of haylage — one more kind of forage proceeds. 409 thousand tons of grass (17 %) is put into hay towers by June 29.

From the beginning of forage conservation campaigns 4,1 centners of fodder units per one conditional cattle are provided in the republic. Farmers of Blagoveshchensky region is among leaders here, they have 10,6 centners of fodder units already.

The most amount of hay for the forthcoming wintering of cattle was in Ilishevsky region – 7,4 thousand tons. Haylage leaders are farmers of Fedorovsky region — 20,7 thousand tons.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture RB, annual and permanent grasses are cut on the area of 321 thousand hectares (29 %). For a day the indicator increased at once by 2 %.

themes: agriculture