25 June 2012, Monday, 12:45

Progress in the Ufa labour market

author: Galina Bakhshieva

The situation in the Ufa labour market continues to improve. In comparison with the beginning of 2012, level of the registered unemployment decreased by the end of June at once for several points and reached 1,34 percent.

Tension in the labour market, or quantity of unemployed citizens per one vacancy makes now 0,35. In January of current year this indicator made in the Bashkir capital 1,1, the Ufa Employment Centre reports.

In total from the beginning of year by means of the city labor registry office almost 11 thousand unemployed people managed to find a job.

There are almost 23 thousand positions at the moment in the capital job bank. In total from the beginning of 2012 enterprises and organisations submitted the information about 61 thousand vacant workplaces to the Ufa Employment Service.

Today more than 7900 people are registered in Ufa Employment Centre, and over 400 from them are taught different skills demanded in the modern labour market.