22 June 2012, Friday, 17:34

226 graduates will not receive school leaving certificates in Bashkiria

author: Elmira Sabirova

In Bashkortostan 226 graduates will not receive school leaving certificates. 212 from them failed to pass the Unified State Exam (USE) in two obligatory subjects -  Russian language and mathematics. Thus, they are deprived of the re-examination right, and also of complete secondary education certificate. They will graduate from school with a statement that they have heard a corresponding course. 26 persons have results of examinations cancelled, because they committed gross violation during USE. However, 12 from them all the same will receive school leaving certificates as they did it passing non-obligatory subjects, but 14 students still remain without the document.

As the Ministry of Education RB explains, these are not final figures as USE results, which graduates passed during additional days, are still unknown.

Meanwhile, these days traditional school leaving parties take place in all comprehensive schools, lycées and grammar schools of our republic. In total in 2011 more than 27 thousand school graduates say farewell to their schools in Bashkortostan.