22 June 2012, Friday, 15:46

Regional Councils will be elected in Bashkortostan on October 14

author: Marina Shumilova

At the 120th session of the Central Election Commission of Bashkortostan Republic the action plan was confirmed to prepare and carry out elections of deputies of representative bodies of local authorities RB on October 14, 2012. It included the approximate time schedule on preparation and carrying out of municipal elections.

On the single voting day — October 14, elections of deputies to Councils of fifty four municipal regions of the republic will be held where 908 deputy mandates should be replaced. Along with it elections of Councils of 14 rural settlements, and also by-election of deputies of village councils of some municipal areas will take place in Beloretsky region.

In total ninety three election campaigns will be carried out in the republic.

themes: elections