22 June 2012, Friday, 13:29

Almost 40 percent of the unemployed in Bashkiria are among rural population

author: Galina Bakhshieva

Now more than 25 thousand people, 39 percent from which are rural dwellers are registered  in the republican employment service.

The most part of the unemployed in the republic or 61 percent are women, the Administration of Employment Public Service RB informs. The share of youth as a part of jobless inhabitants of the region reaches 21 percent, persons of pre-retirement age – 11 percent, disabled persons – eight percent.

Half from the general number of those who are registered at the labor registry office resigned voluntarily. 20 percent of officially registered unemployed were fired because of organisation liquidation, or because of staff reduction.

17 percent of the today's unemployed are those who wants to renew their labour activity after long (more than a year) a break in job. Three percent of the registered unemployed people search for job for the first time.

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