21 June 2012, Thursday, 18:45

Rustem Khamitov has congratulated Institute of History, Language and Literature on the 80-th anniversary

author: Marina Shumilova

During the V All-Russia Turkic Conference «Ural-Altai: through centuries — to the future» at a solemn meeting devoted to the 80-th anniversary of Institute of History, Language and Literature of Ufa Research Centre of RAS takes place in the M.Gafuri’s Bashkir State Academic Drama Theatre. Colleagues fr om academic institutes and high schools, representatives of ministries and departments, public associations came to congratulate the scientists.

Bashkortostan President Rustem Khamitov directed to the Institute team a congratulation on 80-th anniversary which was read by Deputy Prime Minister of Government RB Salavat Sagitov.

Today, when in many countries of the world tendencies of globalisation and culture unification can be noticed, frequently centuries-old national traditions are consigned to oblivion, it is underlined in the congratulation. Therefore special emphasis is laid on revival of interest to the national roots in the field of history, in the field of language and nation preservation.

The President of Bashkortostan expressed confidence that scientific discussions within the lim its of conference become the important contribution to research of dialogue of cultures and languages and wished scientists new success in this field.

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