21 June 2012, Thursday, 13:17

Profit of Bashkir large companies has made 30,7 billion roubles

author: Galiya Nabieva

Companies and organisations of Bashkortostan for January-April, 2012 received profit in the sum of 30,7 billion roubles. It is only 67 percent by the similar period last year, statisticians report.

The share of unprofitable organisations decreased for two percent and made 21,4 percent. At the same time amount of loss increased from 5,1 billion roubles to 15,8 billion in comparison with the similar period of 2011.

The overdue accounts payable, according to official data, from the beginning of the year decreased for 0,5 percent and made 11,6 billion roubles (3,4 percent from the total amount of accounts payable) to the end of April. Commitments of enterprises to suppliers made 74,7 percent from the overdue accounts payable, tax liabilities – 7,3 percent, liabilities to the state off-budget funds – 5,1 percent. The credit and loan indebtedness of enterprises increased by 8,5 percent from the beginning of year, the overdue debt increased by 6,7 percent.

The overdue accounts receivable made 19,6 billion roubles and increased from the beginning of year by 7,1 percent. The most part of expected payments with the expired terms of repayment is debts of buyers. The total accounts payable exceed accounts receivable for six percent.

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