21 June 2012, Thursday, 12:25

The best companies of the branch to be defined at the republican festival "Trade-2012"

author: Luboth Kolokolova

As a part of the event «Choose and Buy Local Products!» the First republican festival "Trade-2012" will take place on July 19. It is held by the Bashkir Trade Association with the assistance of the State Committee RB on Trade and Protection of Consumers Rights.

In the festival program there are samplings by taste and presentations, cultural-entertaining events, awarding of trading enterprises and commodity producers of Bashkortostan.

Awards nominations are the following: «The Best Retail Business», «The Best Wholesale Distributor», «The Best Neighbourhood Store», «The Best Managing Company», «The Best Supplier of Equipment», «The Best Milk and Dairy Products Manufacturer», «The Best Meat and Meat Products Manufacturer», «The Best Fowl and Fowl Products Manufacturer», «The Best Confectionery Products Manufacturer», «The Best Commodity Goods Manufacturer», «The Best Catering Company», «The Best Service Enterprise», «The Best Financial Company for Small and Medium Business», «The Best Overhead Facilities for Support and Development of Consumer Market Enterprises», «For Social Activity». Besides, in the nomination «Discovery of the Year» will be defined the best manufacturer of Bashkortostan Republic and the best trade enterprise.

Found out more on the site of the Bashkir Trade Association.

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