20 June 2012, Wednesday, 14:12

Bashkortostan Government and Russian Post have signed the cooperation agreement

author: Galina Bakhshieva

On June 20, the agreement between the Government of Bashkortostan and federal state unitary enterprise «Russian Post» concerning cooperation in the sphere of mail service perfection and development in the republic territory is signed in Ufa.

The key objective of the signed document is improvement of the Russian Post affiliated network functioning in Bashkortostan.

— Russian Post is presented in the republic with a huge affiliated network, having more than 1300 branches. This is one of backbone enterprises for the republic economy where over 10 thousand people work. We and further intend to support the close connections with the Russian Post, to expand a cooperation spectrum, especially in the sphere of public services rendering, — the Prime Minister of the Government of Bashkortostan Azamat Ilimbetov underlined at the ceremony of the agreement signing.

Key directions of interaction are coordination of the joint activity focused on better satisfaction of requirements of mail services users. Equipment modernization of mail service, mechanization, automation and electronic communication development are not less significant. Other important direction for our further cooperation is increasing of scientific, technical, information and production potential of Russian Post, along with other communication providers.

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