20 June 2012, Wednesday, 13:14

46,8 billion roubles of incomes arrived in the budget of Bashkiria

author: Galiya Nabieva

Incomes in the amount of 46,8 billion roubles arrived in the consolidated budget of Bashkortostan. These are the data given by the regional Ministry of Finance as of May 1, 2012. The total share of personal income tax made 23,2 percent, the company income tax – 21,7 percent, commodity tax (works, services) realised in the territory Russia– 9,3 percent, property tax – 8,3 percent, aggregate income tax – 4,8 percent.

Expenditures of the consolidated budget for the same period have developed in the sum of 42,8 billion roubles. As the official statistics informs, the lion's share of them is social spending. Thus, it has been directed 14,4 billion roubles (33,7 %) for education financing, 9,6 billion roubles (22,3 %) for public health services, 6 billion roubles (14,0 %) for social policy .The national economics received 4,6 billion roubles (10,8 %), housing and utilities infrastructure – 2,3 billion roubles (5,5 %), expenditures for national safety and law-enforcement activity have made 496,1 million roubles.

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