19 June 2012, Tuesday, 18:11

Bashkir doctors are among the best in Russia

author: Elmira Sabirova

Six doctors of our republic became prize-winners of the XI All-Russia competition «The Best Doctor of the Year». Winners were defined in 33 nominations.

In the nomination «The Best Neurologist» the second place was occupied by the doctor of Ufa City Clinical Hospital No.5 Radmir Shahmametov, Ministry of Health RB reports.

The third place was awarded to at once several doctors. Among them there is a doctor-orthopedist from dental polyclinic No.8 Alla Ziganshina in the nomination «The Best Dentist»,  a medical — psychiatric expert of Republican Psychiatric Hospital No.1 Galina Zaharova in the nomination «Best Psychiatrist-Expert in Narcology», the pediatric cardiosurgery department head  of the Republican cardiology health center Dmitry Onegov in the nomination «The Best Cardiovascular Surgeon» and two representatives of G.G.Kuvatov’s Republican Clinical Hospital: in the nomination «The Best Neurosurgeon» — neurosurgery department head Shamil Safin and in the nomination «The Best Phthisiologist» — pulmonologist  Irina Abdurahmanova.