19 June 2012, Tuesday, 17:56

Positive tendencies in the labour market are marked in Ufa

author: Galina Bakhshieva

In comparison with the beginning of the year the employment level has considerably increased in Ufa. So, if as of February 1, 2012 this indicator was equal 60,5 percent in the Bashkir capital, then in the beginning of June it was already 79,1 percent. In total from the beginning of this year the Ufa Employment Service employed more than 8300 people.

Similar positive tendencies can be seen in the reduction of job-seekers number in Ufa. Thus, the intensity factor in the labour market, or otherwise the number of the unemployed citizens applying for one vacancy, decreased from 1,1 in January to 0,4 in June, 2012.

The official unemployment rate in comparison with January 1, this year, by June 1, has decreased, accordingly, from 1,59 to 1,38 percent, the Ufa Employment Centre reports.