19 June 2012, Tuesday, 16:40

Industrial production index has made 106,8 % in Bashkortostan

author: Galiya Nabieva

The industrial production index in Bashkortostan in January-May, 2012 made 106,8 percent by the similar period of the last year. Republican statisticians analysed such types of activity, as "mining operations", «processing manufactures», «generation and distribution of electric power, gas and water». The analysis was conducted on the basis of tendencies in manufacture of major goods (in kind or in monetary terms).

The greatest gain is observed in processing manufactures – for 8,8 percent. Among them textile and sewing manufactures increased for five months by 22,2 percent.

At the same time negative tendencies are observed in manufacture of leather products, wood processing, manufacture of coke and oil products.

Over the Russian Federation the industrial production index made 103,4 percent by January-May, 2011. In regions of the Volga Federal District the given indicator varied from 99,1 in Mordovia to 117,3 percent in Chuvashiya.