18 June 2012, Monday, 14:12

10 hectares forest fire is located and isolated in Bashkiria

author: Galina Bakhshieva

The day before a big forest fire with total area of about 10 hectares was located in Bashkiria.

The fire developed in the territory of the Inzersky forest area. Now the fire is isolated, its extinguishing is made, the press-service of the republican Ministry of Forestry informs.

It is already the 43rd forest fire registered in the republic in 2012. The total area of Bashkir forest resources suffered from fire exceeds now 236 hectares.

Thus the considerable part of fire outbreaks in forests occurred due to the fault of people. For instance, 17 forest fires started because of reckless human practices, two – because of carelessness of organisations, two more – as a result of agricultural burning, four from lightning discharges. The causes of occurrence of 18 other fires in the forests of Bashkiria are under investigation now.

themes: fire forests