18 June 2012, Monday, 10:37

Public Chamber RB prepared a report on modern civil society

author: Olga Murtazina

On Monday June 18, a meeting of Bashkortostan Public Chamber will take place at 15 o'clock in the lecture hall of Ufa recreation centre "Neftyanuk" where the next expert report on civil society condition in Bashkortostan Republic in 2011 will be presented. For preparation of the report members of the Chamber used statistics and analytical materials, spent interrogations and monitoring.

The Public Chamber of Bashkortostan is created in 2009. Priority directions of its work are protection of rights and liberties of citizens, development of civil society. A special emphasis is laid on carrying out of public examination of regional draft bills, realisation of public control over governmental authorities activity.

Republican Public Chamber has worked for exactly a year in its present structure, and this expert report to be its activity report, — Asgat Gumerov, the Chairman of Chamber said.

themes: civil rights