14 June 2012, Thursday, 14:16

Rustem Khamitov examined the industrial activity of Belarus enterprise "Belcommunmash"

author: Sergey Zakharov

On June 14, the Bashkortostan President Rustem Khamitov during his working trip to Byelorussia has visited production facilities of OJSC Managing Company of "Belcommunmash Holding".

The head of the republic was shown production processes of new models of buses, trolley buses, trams and lorries. He visited the assembly line and also examined samples of finished goods. Engineers of the enterprise told about possibility to create new vehicles on the basis of chassis of out-of-date trams. Rustem Khamitov suggested considering possibility of a joint-venture formation to produce trolley buses and trams in Bashkortostan, the press-service of the President RB informs.

Now the Belcommunmash company is the leading industrial enterprise of Byelorussia in the field of manufacture and major repairs of the rolling stock of city electric transport.

Total area of the plant territory is 87000 m. The production space is 32636 m. Number of the main production equipment is 642 units. Total number of workers exceeds 1500 people.