09 June 2012, Saturday, 14:50

Warm week-ends are expected in Bashkiria

author: Luboth Kolokolova

During week-ends, on June 10-12, warm weather from 22 to 25 degrees is expected in Bashkiria. Russia Meteorological Office forecasts storm rains, thunder-storms, hailstones in the republic on June 10. In the south of region the heat wave above 30 degrees Celsius is expected.

According to Bashkir Meteorological Office, on June 10, the temperature in Ufa will be 16 degrees in the afternoon, 22 degrees at night. Raining is possible at night and in the morning, in the afternoon it will be dry with light wind.

On June 11, the temperature will be 15 degrees Celsius at night, in the afternoon from 21 to 24. Precipitations are not expected. Light wind.

On June 12, the weather in Ufa will change slightly. There will be 17 degrees at night, in the morning — 13, in the afternoon – from 22 to 25. It will be cloudy in the afternoon with small rains in the evening. Light wind.

In June the monthly average temperature is expected within 17-19 degrees, that is for one degree above the standard (standard +17,1 °)  the Central Administrative Board of the EMERCOM in RB reports.