30 May 2012, Wednesday, 15:41

Bust of Rudolph Nureev of French sculptor is delivered for Ufa

author: Rozalia Valeeva

The bust of famous dancer Rudolph Nureev, who once started his ballet career in Ufa, is delivered from France for the capital of Bashkortostan. The image of Rudolph Nureev was depicted in gypsum by French sculptor Pierre Tureen at the end of 70s. For a long period of time the bust was kept in an antique shop in Paris, until maestro Vladimir Spivakov has seen it. He immediately reported about this find to Ufa with the request to make all possible to bring the bust to Bashkiria.

“Nureev was depicted in the role of “Corsair”” – the president of “AF Bank” Aidar Zubairov reported – “This work s created in accordance with the classical canons and many experts mark unusual similarity with Nureev, when he was alive”.

The bust will be presented to the museum of the Bashkir State Theater of opera and ballet for eternal safekeeping during solemn opening of the XVIII international ballet art festival by Rudolph Nureev.